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ANZMTG 01.12 EAGLE FM Trial - Evaluation of Groin Lymphadenectomy Extent For Metastatic Melanoma  

 This is a video demonstrating an open minimally invasive technique for pelvic lymph node dissection which is the recommended technique in this study.

ANZMTG 01.12 EAGLE FM Trial - Lymphoedema Assessments

We have produced an instructional video on the lymphoedema assessments performed in the EAGLE FM Study


Lymphoedema is the swelling of the tissues under the skin that may occur after lymph node surgery. It occurs when there is a breakdown or blockage in the Lymphatic drainage system resulting in some of the lymph fluid remaining in the tissues. The incidence of Lymphoedema following treatment varies with the extent of surgery performed and whether or not radiotherapy is used.

ANZMTG’s EAGLE FM Trial includes a sub-study to monitor the development of Lymphoedema in patients who have undergone Inguinal or Ilio-Inguinal Lymphadenectomies.

EAGLE FM patients are observed for any interventions they receive in response to their lymphoedema. Patients are also observed for a change in limb circumference and hip-flexor and calf length. Bio-impedance measurements are also taken (where available).

Patients are followed up with these Lymphoedema specific exams every 6 months for the first 2 years and then annually until they reach year 5 of follow up.