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Proposed Trials

ANZMTG Trials in Development

ANZMTG 01.17 STOP GAP Trial - Canadian Collaborative Group Protocol: STOP-GAP - A randomised phase III study of duration of anti-PD1 therapy in metastatic melanoma; this proposal is for a parallel sister protocol running in ANZ

The advent of breakthroughs in immunotherapy is changing the historically poor survival rates of patients with advanced melanoma. Both PD 1 inhibitors nivolumab and pembrolizumab have demonstrated significant efficacy against metastatic melanoma. As physicians do not know what the “best” anti-PD-1 treatment duration for melanoma patients is, genuine uncertainty (“clinical equipoise”) exists. 

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ANZMTG 02.17 Can patient-led surveillance detect more early stage recurrent or new primary melanoma than clinician-led surveillance?

An increasing number of patients in Australia require lifelong follow-up after treatment for localised melanoma, and dermatology and skin cancer clinics are struggling with this demand. An alternative model of  to the traditional 'clinician-led' surveillance is 'patient-led' surveillance: combination of smartphone supported self-examination, teledermatology and patient initiated clinic visits when needed.

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ANZMTG 03.17 Improving skin cancer prevention: motivating preventive behaviours using knowledge of personalised genomic risk of melanoma

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